Photos 2009

Laura Nicholas

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Laura's Tip: Alcohol inks are perfect for use with non-porous surfaces like this clock overlay. Theyre easy to apply and dry quickly on the plastic. And if you want a lighter shade of color, you can dilute the alcohol ink with rubbing alcohol.

Photos 2009
By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Remove the posts from the album and ink the back and spine of the album with the Staz-On inkpad. When dry, replace the posts.
  2. Use glue stick to attach striped paper to the front cover of the album. Trim excess paper with X-acto knife. Ink the edges with Staz-On.
  3. Stamp the butterfly image on the center of the clock overlay with Staz-On. Color the butterfly: Turn the overlay over so you cant read the numbers. Use a cotton swab to apply Pesto alcohol ink to the wings, then add touches of Raisin alcohol ink.
  4. Highlight around a few of the numbers with Raisin and Pesto.
  5. Outline the edges of the overlay with Espresso alcohol ink.
  6. Cut a circle of pink dot paper slightly smaller than the overlay. Mat on brown textured paper, then use the overlay to cut it to size. Ink the edges with Staz-On.
  7. Use brads to attach the overlay to the pink paper. Add three brown mini brads along the center of the butterflys body. Add brads to the 12, 9, and 6. Tie a bow in a piece of sheer dot ribbon and use a Zot to attach over the 3.
  8. Print a message or book title on the tag cut-out and tuck under the bow, securing with a Zot.