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Laura Nicholas

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the All 10Foils & Adhesives Bundle or you can order them separately.

Laura's Tip: Create a card focal by placing the tag in the center of the strip across the middle of the card. When using the rub-on, cut out the piece of the rub-on adhesive and carefully apply it to your surface. Do not touch the adhesive, as it will come off easily. Then add foil over the rub-on for a fast elegant gold foil look.

By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Cut a 4 3/4"x6 1/4" rectangle of tan striped paper. Cut a 5"x6 1/2" rectangle of black textured paper and glue the layers together. Add black mini brads to the corners and glue to the face of the card.
  2. Cut a 2 1/2"x5" strip of red textured paper and ink the edges. Cut a 1"x5" strip of black textured paper and ink the edges. Glue to the center of the red strip.
  3. Cut out a tag and burnish the "Thanks" rub-on, to the tag. Peel off the backing then place the foil shiny side up on the adhesive and use your finger to rub the foil into the adhesive. Glue tag to the center of the black paper and add a black flower with a brad.
  4. Add swirl rub-ons to the red strip above and below the thanks tag, and apply the foil.
  5. Trim piece of black gingham ribbon and wrap over the red strip. Tuck the ends behind and glue the strip across the center of the card. Tie a bow and Zot it to the top of the ribbon.
  6. Inside the card: Cut a 1"x5" strip red paper and ink the edges. Add the "Thanks for Everything" rub-on and gold foil.
  7. Mat the red strip with black texture paper. Zot two small pieces of ribbon under the flower and attach to the strip with mini brad.
  8. Cut a 2 1/2"x5" strip of tan striped paper. Glue the embellished red strip to the center and then to the inside of the card.