Susan Cobb

Get the major supplies needed to make this project with the White Card Set and the All 4 Dazzles Bundle or you can order them separately.

Susan's Tip: The transfer sheet is a quick and easy way to add beautiful Greetings Dazzles to your cards, and it's re-usable!

By Susan Cobb

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  1. Cover card front with green ferns paper, trimming the outside edges even with the card front. Open the card out flat and place onto your cutting mat. Use your knife to trim away the paper from the edges of the oval window. Cover the inside with dark green lines and flowers paper.
  2. Close the card. Cut around the word "thanks" and remove it from the sticker sheet. Pull off the excess gold material around the word, and remove the small pieces inside the letters (use the tip of your knife to lift up the small pieces). Place the transfer material over the word, burnish around the letters with the end of your knife handle, then peel away the sticker backing. The word should be adhered to the transfer material.
  3. Place the transfer material over the oval window onto the darker green paper on the inside, so "thanks" is centered in the upper part of the oval. Burnish onto the paper with the back of your fingernail, then peel away the transfer material. Smooth the word with your fingertips.
  4. Add small bird Dazzles to the card front among the ferns and beneath "thanks". Attach the larger bird Dazzle to green vellum, then cut around it. Glue to the card front "resting" on a fern as shown.