Happy Birthday

Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I used 2 different kinds of stitches to finish these stitched butterfly Dazzles with pink flossa straight stitch, and a French knot.

Happy Birthday
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Cut a 5"x6 1/2" lime textured rectangle, then glue the pink/lime/yellow/teal striped paper over the bottom 2 1/2". Trim a 4 3/4" length of the border from the sticker sheet, then remove from the backing and add across the lime paper just above the striped paper. Attach 4 butterfly stickers of varying sizes to the top of the rectangle, arranged as shown.
  2. Place the paper rectangle on the mouse pad and use the needle to punch each of the small holes through the stickers and paper. Thread the needle with one strand of floss, then sew straight stitches from the center holes near the body to their corresponding holes on the wings. Repeat for the remaining butterflies with straight stitches or French knots as shown.
  3. Write or computer print "Happy Birthday" on a tag and ink the edges. Add a small butterfly Dazzle and a French knot. Add a swirl from remaining border Dazzle to the end of the tag. Glue the tag centered on the striped portion of the rectangle. Glue the rectangle even with the card front. Ink the card edges.