Sara's Surfaces boxes

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Sara's Surfaces boxes
Designer: LeNae Gerig

Easter Surfaces: Swirl and Take out boxes
By LeNae Gerig

Each package of Surfaces comes with 2 boxes and the Easter Brad Buddies have 2 complete sets of Buddies; so you'll have enough to make 4 complete Easter themed boxes, plus more left over!

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Take Out Box:

  1. With the box still flat and unassembled, apply glue stick to one flat side at a time and cover with paper. Alternate with the egg paper and spattered paper on the sides; the egg paper for the handle and the spattered for the top flaps.
  2. Open the box, to square up the sides and trim the excess paper close to the box edges. Use the craft knife to cut around the inside of the handle and slits in the side flaps.
  3. Cut a 2 green spattered square and mat with white cardstock, leaving a 1/16 wide border. Secure the basket and brads to the square and foam tape to the box front.
  4. Place a gift inside the box and secure the flaps. Layer three ribbon lengths and tie around the handle base.

Swirl box:

  1. Assemble the box and push one end of the box swirl in so that it is slightly concaved. This will be the box bottom. Leave the box top slightly tufted.
  2. Tear one long edge of an 8x4 rectangle of green spattered paper. Apply glue to the back of the paper and wrap around the box sides, creasing the paper over each corner. Overlap the ends at the back of the box.
  3. Repeat with an 8x3 3/4 strip of Easter egg paper, tearing one long edge and gluing/wrapping around the box sides.
  4. Use the emery board to lightly sand the raised surface on the Bunny Brad Buddy and yellow bow brad. Use the white pen to color in the center of the ears, teeth and dots for whiskers.
  5. Tear an 8x2 green spattered strip and secure the Bunny to the strip using the brads. Wrap and glue the strip a round the center of the box. Tie a length of pink ribbon around the top and trim the ends to 1 long.