Easter Blessings card

Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip:I used pink, purple, blue, and two shades of green chalks, which are all repeated in the colors of the papers I used to create this card. After applying the chalk to the card front you will need to set it. To set the chalk, place the white cardstock over the chalked area, then while holding the cardstock in place with one hand, burnish over the area by rubbing it with a cloth, paper towel, or bone folder. Repeat with a clean area of cardstock until no more excess chalk is removed.

Easter Blessings card
By Susan Cobb

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  1. With the fold at the left, cover the card front with light green textured paper. Cut a 5"x4 1/2" light blue with striped border rectangle, with the border at the bottom. Glue to purple textured paper sheet (the one with faux rick-rack border). Trim the sides even with the rectangle, and leave a 3/8" purple border at top and bottom. Glue to the green-covered card front, even with the top edge. Ink the edges of the card.
  2. Place the stencil with the three flowers centered over the light blue portion of the card front, securing it with stencil tape. Apply the light green chalk to the leaves, and medium green chalk to the stems. Add dark pink chalk to the tulip blooms, purple chalk to the daffodil, and blue chalk to the crocus. When finished, set the chalk as explained in the tip above.
  3. Write or computer print "Easter Blessings" on the pink label and glue centered to the lower green portion of the card.
  4. Cut a 3 3/4"x3" light blue with striped border rectangle from the remaining paper. Glue the purple paper to the back of the striped border, so a 3/8" border of purple shows. Glue the light green textured paper to the back of the purple paper leaving a 3/4" border showing below the purple. Write or computer print "Have a very special day" on the lavender label and glue to the light blue portion of the paper. Ink the edges and glue to the inside, even with the bottom edge.