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Embossed Metal

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Metal Family bundle or you can order them separately.

LeNae's Tip: 2 for 1 projects! Once you remove the letters from the wood cutout you will have a remaining negative space. Paint the wood background black and emboss a metal sheet in the color of your choice. Trim metal to fit behind the background. The embossed metal will show through the letters negative spaces.

Embossed Metal "Family"
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Remove letters from the background piece. Paint the letters different colors, being careful not repeat colors next to each other and let it dry. Emboss the corresponding metal with different Skinny Molds remembering not to repeat the same patterns next to each other.
  2. Embossing: Place a mold under the metal with color side up. Use the paper stump to create initial impression. Refine the embossed pattern with the refining ends of the tools. Sand the embossed image lightly with the sanding block.
  3. Cut strips of adhesive and adhere to the front of each painted letter. Place the letter adhesive side down to the back of the embossed metal. Cut around the letter, leaving enough of a border to wrap around the sides of each letter. Use the adhesive on the sides to secure the metal.
  4. Place the letters leaning on a shelf or if you want to hang them, glue a ribbon loop to the top back of each.