Flocked birthday card

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Citrus Birthday Card bundle or you can order them separately.

LeNae's Tip: Before applying Sparkle Fibers to the circles, cover each with lime paper. To cover with paper, apply glue stick to one side of the circle and adhere to lime paper. Place the paper under the circle and cut around the edge of the circle.

Flocked "birthday" card
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Place the card fold at the side. Cut a 1 wide strip of lime green paper and glue it to the right edge of the card. Cover the remaining portion of the card with the blue dot paper.
  2. Cover three small and one large circle with lime paper. Apply glue to the paper and then Sparkle Fibers. Let dry and glue evenly spaced over the seam between the two papers.
  3. Journal on the large lime tag and secure with an aqua brad. Journal on yellow paper and glue a circle under the word. Cut around the circle and foam tape to the tag edge.
  4. Inside the card: Glue a 2 wide strip of aqua circle paper down the right side of the inside back. Cover a large circle with yellow paper that has journaling printed on it, placing the word centered over the circle. Cut out and glue to the edge of the paper strip.