Mother's Day Pail

Laura Nicholas

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Mother's Pail bundle or you can order them separately.

Laura's Tip:Enhance the colors of the flowers by painting them with chalk. Chalk will accentuate the grooves of the flowers beautifully.

Mother's Day Pail
By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Cut off the definition from the Mother overlay. Cut two 2x12 strips of burgundy script paper. Cut two 1/2x12 strips of onyx glimmer paper.
  2. Glue the ends of the overlay to one piece of the script paper. Glue the second strip of script paper to the end of overlay and trim to the length needed to wrap around the outside of the pail.
  3. Cover each end of the overlay with strips of glimmer paper. Add small rhinestone flower brads to the strip. Add another strip across the top edge of the overlay. Glue to the bottom of the pail.
  4. Wrap ivory dot ribbon around the top of the papers overlapping the glimmer strip. Glue the ends where it can be hidden by the bow. Overlap the dot ribbon with burgundy ribbon. Tie a bow and glue dot the seam of the ribbons.
  5. Chalk the paper flowers with two shades of pink. Chalk the smaller flower with a lighter pink chalk. Layer the flowers and add the rhinestone flower brad to the center.
  6. Add pink pearl swirls across the pail. Cut the swirls to change the direction. Attach the flowers, overlapping the pearls, as shown
  7. Chalk and layer more flowers for the lid, securing with a flower brad. Tie a bow to the handle.