Garden Journal 2009

Laura Nicholas

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Garden Binder bundle or you can order them separately.

Laura's Tip:Love the shabby chic look? Cut the Cotton Scraps while theyre on the backing sheet, then remove the backing and fray the edges. Add ink to the edges for a vintage effect.

Garden Journal 2009
By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Ink the back, spine and edges of the binder with brown inkpad.
  2. Cover the front of the binder with dark green floral paper, placing the paper along the edge of the binder but not overlapping the dip next to the spine. Glue the paper to the binder, then turn the binder over and use a craft knife to trim the edges. Sand the edges of the paper and ink.
  3. Cut a 2-wide strip of light green leaf paper and glue to the front of the binder, placing it next to the spine. Glue a 1-wide strip of texture paper to cover the seams.
  4. Wrap the cover with yellow swirl ribbon and tie in a bow on the front.
  5. Print the title on a tag cut-out and tuck under the bow.
  6. Cut out the Sunflower Cotton Scrap. Remove the backing paper and fray the edges, then ink the edges and mat on green texture paper. Tear the bottom of the mat. Mat again on tan paper and tear the bottom. Ink the edges. Use foam tape to attach the piece to the cover of the binder.
  7. Inside the binder: Cut a 1 strip of texture paper and glue to the inside front cover of the binder. Glue a 3x4 piece of leaf paper on top and add a Lilac Cotton Scrap.
  8. Repeat for the back cover with another large mat of leaf paper and strip of texture paper and another Cotton Scrap.
  9. Embellish the dividers and envelopes and pocket with journaling notes. Cut apart the journaling notes to add art to the notes divider, seed packets envelope and magazine idea clippings pocket.