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Megan's Favorite Things bird book

Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Songbird Book Collection bundle or you can order them separately.

Susan's Tip: I added dimension to the front of this bird book by using foam tape to pop up the dark blue wing and light blue heart. Silver Heart Dazzles add lots of shiny style, and a cabochon is perfect for the little bird's eye, accented with a miniature heart Dazzle!

Megan's Favorite Things bird book
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Remove the chain from the book. Punch out the wing and heart pieces. Cover the front of the bird with light blue leaves paper and trim around the outside edges, the hole for the eye, and the wing opening. Use an awl to re-punch the tiny hole for the chain to go through. Turn the piece over and cover with light blue textured paper, then trim around outer edges only, not the inside shapes. Ink edges black.
  2. Cover the wing piece with dark blue leaves paper, and the small heart with light blue leaves paper. Ink edges of each piece. Apply two layers of foam tape to the wing and attach it into the wing shaped opening on the front (which is now backed with paper). Add foam tape into the eye circle and attach a cabochon. Add the heart backed with three layers of foam tape in the heart opening. Glue dot a ribbon knot at the neck as shown. Add a miniature heart Dazzle (from insides of the heart with scrolls) to center of the eye cabochon. Add swirls and hearts to the wing and light blue heart as shown. Write year below wing with the black pen.
  3. Decorate the inside pages with matted photos on tags, cabochons, ribbon, and Dazzles. Alternate each page with light and dark blue papers as desired. When finished, thread chain through the book pages, front cover, and small tag.