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Black Embossed Metal Frame

Susan Cobb

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Black Embossed Metal Frame
By Susan Cobb

Susan's Tip: I created a continuous pattern of the ferns by first using the mold on the large area to the right of the photo opening, then turned the mold upside down to match up portions of the design and continued over the remainder of the metal. I added ribbon over the "seam" of the design. You may wish to ink the edges of the frame black if you are not wrapping the metal around them.

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  1. Use the frame as a guide for the size of the opening and the outer edges. Place the frame centered over the back (shiny side) of the metal sheet, leaving about 1/2" excess around the edges (there will be a bit extra at one side). Trim off the extra inch or so from one end. Use the pointed end of a refining tool to "trace" around the outer edges of the frame, so you have a slight indention in the metal the same size as the frame. Now turn the metal over and place it over the front of the frame, centering it. Use your fingers to press the metal against the edges of the opening for the photo. Now use the paper stump to define the edges, and a refining tool to refine it. Pick up the sheet and make a hole in the metal at the center of your defined area that will be the photo opening. Use your scissors to make cuts from the hole to each corner, then evenly trim around the edges of the rectangle.
  2. Place the right side of the metal sheet over the ferns and flower side of the Kubuka mold (within your defined outer edges), and use the paper stump with moderate pressure for the initial embossing of the design. Refine with the paper stump, then with the refining tools. Turn the mold upside down, and "match" up some of the ferns to create a somewhat continuous pattern to the left of the first design, then repeat for the remaining area of metal.
  3. Add adhesive to the frame, then place the metal over the frame, gently pressing it into place. Trim edges even with the front of the frame, or wrap the sides if desired--except for the left side where you will add the photo. Use the paper stump and refining tools to smooth the edges of the outside and photo opening. Use the sanding block to distress the design and expose the shiny silver metal. Tie ribbon around the frame, knotting it at the front. Tape the ribbon above and below the stand, then trim the ribbon so it doesn't interfere with using the stand.