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Vintage Journal

Susan Cobb

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Vintage Book bundle or you can order them separately.

Vintage Journal
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I punched holes in the two covers and pages with the Crop-a-dile, three evenly spaced on the left side for the rings, and two on the right side of the front for the keyhole. I inked the edges of the alphabet initials for definition. The arrows are super easy to add through the rings, and glue dot in place as desired.



  1. Use the Crop-a-dile to punch three holes in the left side of the front cover, 3/8" from the left edge. Punch one hole half way down, the next 1" from the top, and 1" from the bottom. Align the front cover with the back, then mark through the holes on the back cover with a pencil. Punch the holes in the back cover. Align the front cover with the journal pages and punch those holes. Place the keyhole centered on the right side of the front cover, 1/8" from the right edge. Use the pencil to mark the holes for the keyhole then punch with the Crop-a-dile. Add brads to anchor the keyhole in place.
  2. Glue the decorative green transparency rectangle to the front cover, 5/8" from the bottom and 1 1/4" from the right side. Write or computer print the year on tan cardstock, trim to a rectangle, then use direct to paper inking technique with brown and black ink pads over it for a vintage look. Glue centered to upper green section of the transparency.
  3. Ink the edges of the three alphabet initials you are using with the brown ink pad, then glue to the cover, overlapping the transparency as shown. Stack front and back covers with journal pages inside, aligning the holes together at the left side. Add a ring through each set of holes. Add an arrow book turn to the top and bottom rings so they overlap the front. Close the rings to secure. Glue dot the arrows in place if you wish.
  4. Cut ribbons into 4" lengths and tie on rings, trimming ends as shown.