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Decorated Little Purse

Susan Cobb

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Decorated Little Purse
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: This little purse is fun and cute, and very easy to make! It would be a perfect container for jewelry, chocolate, or other treats for Mom. It's easiest to cover the curved flap while the purse is still flat and unassembled.



  1. With the purse still flat, cover the curved flap with purple textured paper, trimming the edges evenly. Now assemble the purse by pushing the sides together to open the box. Flatten the bottom. Fold the flap, then thread the handle through the slot along the fold of the flap. Insert the bottom of the curved flap into the slot on the front of the purse.
  2. Glue a 3 1/2"x3/4" striped paper strip across the bottom of the purse front, trimming sides evenly. Cut a 4" length of Dazzle border and attach across the striped paper, trimming ends evenly with the purse. Attach a 1 5/8" dragonfly Dazzle angled on the center of the purple curved flap. Add a swirl and two tiny dragonfly Dazzles to the handle as shown.
  3. Cut a 1"x1/2" pink textured rectangle, then trim the left end into a tag shape. Add a tiny "dot" sticker from left over "innies" of the Dazzle border to the end of the tag. Computer print or write "Mom" on the tag and glue it to the purple flap as shown.