Mother's Day page

Susan Cobb

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Mother's Day page
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I love the colors in this collection of papers, and the fact that everything coordinates! The punch-outs and stickers are colorful and fun, and make this page easy to put together. The punch-outs are colored differently on each side, which makes them so versatile!



  1. Mat the 5"x7" photo on purple cardstock leaving a 1/2" border at the right side, and a 1/4" border on the remaining sides. Attach the green scalloped border sticker along the right side of the photo, leaving 1/4" of the purple cardstock showing. Trim the top and bottom edges evenly with the mat. Attach the narrow yellow border sticker over the right side of the green scalloped one, leaving a thin border at the right edge. Trim the top and bottom edges. Glue green mini rick-rack to the left edge of the yellow border sticker, trimming the edges evenly at the top and bottom. Glue the matted photo to the upper right corner of the yellow floral background paper, 1/4" from the top and even with the right edge.
  2. Mat the remaining photo on purple cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue to the upper left portion of the page. Punch out the green/yellow swirl and glue overlapping the bottom left corner of the large photo with the green side up. Foam tape a purple flower with red center over the center of the swirl. Punch out a red bracket and glue over the left side of the smaller photo.
  3. Punch out a solid yellow heart, small red heart, and small yellow rectangle. Mat the yellow heart and rectangle on purple cardstock leaving a thin border. Write or computer print "That I love about my Mom" on the heart, and "Mother's Day 2009" on the rectangle. Add ribbons as shown. Journal on yellow cardstock, trim to a rectangle, mat on purple and glue rick-rack to the left edge. Glue the block to the lower left portion of the page.
  4. Ink the edges of the "These are a few of my favorite things", "hugs", "smile", and "wonderful" stickers and attach to the page as shown. Glue the yellow heart near the large sticker, and foam tape the red heart over it as shown. Glue the matted yellow rectangle punch-out to the lower right side of the page and foam tape the purple flower punch-out overlapping it.