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Happy Birthday card

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday card
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I covered the card front with aqua textured paper, then covered it with the Linen Weave Magic Mesh for a colorful and textured look! I added dotted paper, then attached paper strips together with the Tiny Attacher Tool across the center of the card. I decorated the punched tag with Dazzles backed with contrasting papers.



  1. Cover the top 3" of the card front with aqua linen paper, then cover it with Magic Mesh. Cover the bottom of the card with pink/blue/purple dots paper. Cut one 6"x1/2" paper strip from each of three papers: aqua, purple, and dark pink. Ink the edges of each strip. Place the strips overlapping each other on your work surface as shown. Lift them up together and attach them together on the each side with the Tiny Attacher. Glue over the seam of the papers. Ink the edges of the card.
  2. Punch a tag with the Extra Giga Tag Punch from aqua paper, then mat on purple. Ink the edges. Ink the edges of a 1/2" x 3/4" dark pink strip and attach to the top of the tag with the Tiny Attacher Tool.
  3. Pull the 2 connected balloon Dazzles from the sheet. Attach the right balloon over a piece of lavender paper and cut around the edges, being careful not to cut the streamers. Repeat for the left balloon with dark pink paper. Attach the balloons to the matted tag, then glue the tag centered over the card front. Press the ends of the streamers in place. Attach the dotted party hat sticker to lavender paper, cut around the triangle portion, then attach to the lower left corner of the tag. Add a small star to the center to the dark pink balloon.
  4. Cut a 5"x1/2" aqua strip, then cover with Magic Mesh. Glue even with the bottom of the card. Write or computer print "happy birthday" on the small lavender tag. Ink the edges and glue to the lower left portion of card. Add a confetti sticker to the top of the tag. Add streamers, confetti, and star stickers to the upper left and lower right of the card as shown.