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Thinking of you

Susan Cobb

Thinking of you
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I attached the large butterfly Dazzle to white vellum, cut it out, then used the stylus on the back to emboss the vellum in the openings of the butterfly for a "puffy" look. The vellum turns opaque white when embossed.



  1. With the fold at the left, cover the card front with pink/lavender/blue paper with the border at the left side and bottom. Open the card out flat, facing up. Mark 2 1/2" on each side of the upper right corner with a pencil. Use the back of your knife and ruler to score a line connecting the 2 points. Fold on the scored line and cover the folded corner with blue paper and trim the edges evenly. Ink the edges of card front and outer edges of corner. Glue the folded corner to the card front.
  2. Remove a large butterfly from the Dazzle sheet and attach it to white vellum, leaving the antennae unattachedcut the vellum beneath them first, then cut around the remaining butterfly. Turn the butterfly over and place on the cushy side of a computer mouse pad or other foam pad. Use the medium sized ball of the stylus attachments to press over the open spaces of the butterfly, being careful not to poke through the vellum. It's ok if you press over the sticker also, but concentrate on the open spaces.
  3. Ink the edges of the pink tag with the butterfly shape on the center. Apply foam tape beneath the body of the embossed butterfly and attach over the center of the tag. Glue the tag to the end of the folded corner on the card front. Add small butterflies along the decorative border and blue corner as shown. Write or computer print "Thinking of you" on remaining pink paper, trim, and mat on dark pink paper. Ink edges and glue to lower right of card front.
  4. Inside the card: Cover the inside with dark pink paper. Write or computer print a greeting on remaining pink paper, mat on blue, and again on pink. Ink the edges and glue centered to the inside. Add butterflies as shown, so two of them show in the upper right corner when the card is closed.