Grid iron page

Susan Cobb

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Grid iron page
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: I trimmed the "Grid Iron" portion from the top of the die cut sheet and backed it with yellow cardstock for lots of contrast. You could change the cardstock to match team colors as desired. I sanded the blue "Football" Brad Buddy to highlight the words.



  1. Trim the "Grid Iron" portion from the die cut sheet and glue to yellow cardstock. Cut around the top even with the words and football shape (or pull up the die cut and trim the yellow edge smaller from beneath the die cut so the cardstock covers the inside spaces, and doesn't show at the top). Leave a 1/8" yellow border at the bottom of the die cut. Glue across the football words background paper, 7 1/2" from the bottom.
  2. Mat photos on yellow, then blue. Glue them to page beneath the die cut as shown. Computer print or write journaling and words by hand on yellow cardstock. Trim to rectangles, mat on blue and glue to page as shown.
  3. Sand across the word "Football" on the blue Brad Buddy. Attach to the die cut with the football brad as shown. Attach the football helmet Brad Buddy between the photos.