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You make me smile!

Laura Nicholas

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Papers, Ribbons & Flowers Bundle or you can order them separately.

You make me smile!
By Laura Nicholas

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Designer Tip: Mix sizes and shapes of these sheer flowers to make the perfect accent elements to this page.



  1. Cut the green texture paper to 7"x11". Ink the edges and glue to the word script background. Cut the light green rose paper to 9"x9", ink the edges and glue overlapping the green texture paper.
  2. Wrap dot sheer ribbon vertically over the edge of the light green rose paper and tuck the ends behind the paper. Tie a bow in sheer dot ribbon and wrap one long tail horizontally to the left edge of the page and trim the other end short. Glue dot the bow in place.
  3. Trim green ribbon and glue along the edge of the dot ribbon. Wrap thin brown ribbon and tuck ends behind the page. Trim another short piece of brown ribbon and glue under the bow.
  4. Mat photos with tan paper and ink the edges. Mat again with glimmer paper and glue to the green rose paper.
  5. Print journaling onto tan paper and trim into strips. Ink the edges and mat with glimmer paper. Glue around the photos.
  6. Layer flowers and leaves and secure around the top right corner and bottom left corner of the page with brads.
  7. Print a title onto a small tan tag and ink the edges. Mat with glimmer and tuck under a large flower.