Ladies Birthday

Susan Cobb

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Happy Birthday Ladies
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used a masking technique for the lady image as the card focal for this card. I stamped the face portion with ink while masking the hair portion. Then, I masked the face portion of the stamped image, and stamped the hair with the glue, then flocked it for a great look!

  • To create the mask, I just stamped the lady image (do a few, it's nice to have an extra one in case you need it) on scrap paper, then loosely cut around the image; then cut around the edge of the hair that borders the face. Before stamping the face on your purple textured paper, place the "hair" cut-out on the paper, anchoring it at one end with a sticky note. Then ink the stamp, checking alignment with outline of the hair on the scrap paper before stamping on the paper. Remove the mask. Let face image dry. Place the mask of the face image directly over the face image that you stamped, anchoring it with a sticky note. Use the glue pad to stamp the image, checking alignment of the face with the hair. Remove the mask. Add black flock over the glue-stamped image of the hair. Press flock lightly into the glue, then shake off excess and return to container. Let dry thoroughly.



  1. Turn the card so the fold is at the top. Cover the card front with dark purple textured paper and ink the edges black. Cut a 4 3/8"x4 3/4" plaid rectangle and ink the edges. Glue to the left side of the card front, leaving a 1/8" border at the left, top, and bottom, with extra space at the right side. Cut a 1 3/4"x4 3/4" purple textured rectangle and ink the edges. Stamp the swirl image twice, side by side, with the glue pad. Add flock to the stamped images, press lightly, then shake off excess and return it to the container. Let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Stamp the lady image on scrap paper to create a mask. Cut loosely around the outside of the image, then cut just outside the edge of the hair that borders the face, cutting away the hair from the face. Cut a 2 1/2"x3 1/4" purple textured rectangle. Place the scrap paper image of the hair on the center of the rectangle and secure it with a sticky note. Ink the stamp and check alignment of the face with the mask of the hair, then stamp the image onto the paper and the mask. Remove mask and let dry. Place mask of face over the face image. Add glue to the stamp using the glue pad. Check alignment of the stamp with the face image before stamping. Stamp, then remove the mask. Flock the stamped hair image. Let dry thoroughly, then ink edges. Mat on dark purple textured paper, then mat on aqua textured paper. Ink the edges, then glue centered to the plaid paper on the card front.
  3. Write or computer print "Happy Birthday" on the aqua label. Ink edges and glue centered beneath the matted lady image on the card front. Glue the flocked swirls border rectangle centered on right side of card front as shown.
  4. Inside the card: Stamp swirl image 3 times side by side, with black ink on a 1"x6 1/2" strip of purple textured paper. Ink edges and glue even with the bottom of the inside, trim the side edges as needed. Write or computer print a greeting on purple textured paper. Trim to rectangle, ink edges, then double mat on dark purple and aqua textured papers, ink the edges. Glue centered on 4"x3" plaid rectangle. Ink the edges and glue centered to the inside above the stamped border.