Tool, Paper Tex & Snowflake Stencil

LeNae Gerig

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Snowflake cool tool card
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Place the card fold on the left side. Cut a 4 3/4x6 1/4 sponged blue rectangle, ink the edges and glue to the center of the card.
  2. Cut a 3x5 1/2 rectangle of white/blue paper and glue to the card front. Adhere a 5/8 wide strip of dark blue paper near the bottom and evenly space the Joy tags. Secure silver brads to the top of each.
  3. Secure the fine tip on the cool tool and place paper tex and stencil on a heat resistant surface. Use the tool to outline the inside of the snowflake stencil and the outside of the stencil. The square with the snowflake at the center should lift easily from the remaining paper. Mat with dark blue paper, leaving a 1/8 wide border and secure a silver mini brad to the center of the snowflake. Glue on point above the joy tags.