Hoppy Easter Pail

Laura Nicholas

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Hoppy Easter Pail
By Laura Nicholas

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  1. Cut 4 " strips of purple striped paper, fold the ends and punch holes. Glue around the pail with the holes on the sides. Tie curly ribbon through the holes. Cut a 3 " strip of purple texture paper and mat with green cardstock. Glue vertically to the front of the pail.
  2. Create a scene at the bottom of the strip and across the front of the pail with backed Dazzles. Back the larger stickers with white cardstock and add chalk details to the rabbit and chick in the egg. Glue to the bottom of the purple strip. Back the bee and chalk, then add a swirl sticker for the flight pattern of the bee. Add word stickers around the strip and to the pail.
  3. Back flowers with pink and green cardstocks. Foam tape around the larger stickers. Cut the sticker on the lamb and tuck the tulip underneath as if he is holding the flower.
  4. Trace a 5" circle for the lid using purple paper. Add the "Hoppy Easter" sticker. Cut a " strip of green cardstock and glue across the circle, then glue to the lid. Back stickers and add around the words. Cut small pieces of grass with green cardstock and glue around the flowers. Glue dot small bow above the words.
  5. Tie knots of ribbons to the handle and curl with a pencil.