Post Card Wall Hanging

Laura Nicholas

Post Card Wall Hanging
By Laura Nicholas

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Laura's Tip: Hook the post cards together with Memory Thread for a whimsical look.



  1. Punch holes in the post cards, to hang them.
  2. Cut out your desired images and glue to the top and bottom of the three post cards. Ink the edges. Stamp images on the middle post card and ink the edges.
  3. Tie the cards together to create the wall hanging. Curl the memory thread by wrapping around a pen.
  4. Add brads to the centers of the flowers and glue dot to the post cards. Tuck twirled memory thread under the flowers.
  5. Cover chipboard hearts, stars and squares with art and ink the edges. Glue to the post cards.
  6. Tie a loop to the top of the three for the hanger. Twirl the ends.