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Melia & Me

Melia & Me
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tips:

  • I added stamped images to the Vintage lady floral border on the first page, and also added decorative borders on the oversized mats on both pages. I stamped in the corner of two photos, and stamped the bottom of the light blue tag. I embellished the stamped images and flowers with the pearl stickers.
  • When stamping on a slick surface such as a photo: Ink the stamp, then press the block straight down, gently but firmly, onto the photo. Take care that the stamp doesn't slip or slide on the slick surface.


Left Page

  1. Stamp lady, flower, swirl, and postmark images overlapping the vintage lady border at the lower right corner of the background paper. Stamp the larger leafy vine stamp over the corner of one photo and let it dry. Mat on purple cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border. Ink the edges.
  2. Cut an 8" x 5" light blue rectangle. Stamp the swirl image overlapping the outer edges of the rectangle at the upper left corner. Repeat the same image 3 more times to create a border on the oversized mat.
  3. Stamp several large leafy vine images in a row on purple cardstock. Cut a 3/8" wide strip from the center of the stamped images and ink the edges. Glue over the center of the stamped border on the light blue oversized mat. Trim the ends evenly, and ink the edges. Glue the matted photo to the oversized mat, allowing 1 1/2" of the stamped border to show. Glue to upper left portion of the background paper.
  4. Double mat the second photo on indigo, then light blue cardstock leaving a 1/8" border on each. Ink edges and glue below the first photo. Cut a 1 1/8" x 2" light blue rectangle and trim the corners at the top into a tag shape. Stamp the large leafy vine image over the bottom, then ink edges.
  5. Write or computer print names on the tag above the stamped image. Glue angled overlapping the right edge of the oversized mat. Zot™ a ribbon over the top of the tag as shown. Layer sheer flowers and Zot™ them together. Attach overlapping corners of the photos as shown. Write or computer print year, trim to a rectangle and mat on indigo. Glue overlapping oversized photo mat. Add pearl stickers as shown.

Right Page

  1. Turn the striped background paper so the stripes are vertical. Cut a 7 3/4" x 5 1/4" light blue rectangle for an oversized mat. Stamp a swirled border on the right side of the rectangle as in step #2 above. Prepare a 3/8" stamped purple strip as in step #3 above. Mat the photo on purple, leaving a 1/4" border. Ink the edges and glue to the oversized mat, leaving 1 1/8" of the stamped border showing at the right side. Glue the purple stamped strip to the oversized mat, along the right edge of the purple mat. Glue the matted photo centered on the striped background paper, 3/4" from the top.
  2. Stamp the large leafy vine image over the upper left corner of second photo. Mat the photo on indigo cardstock, then light blue cardstock, leaving a 1/8" border on each. Glue matted photo to left side of the page, 1 1/4" from the bottom and 1 1/8" from the left side.
  3. Write journaling by hand on light blue cardstock, or use your computer printer. Trim and stamp the large leafy vine image over the lower right corner. Ink the edges and mat on purple, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue to the lower right portion of the page, 5/8" from the right side and 3/4" from the bottom.
  4. Layer flowers and Zot™ them together. Add 5mm pearl to center and attach to page as shown. Add 3mm pearls to decorate purple strip and stamped image at corner of journaling block as shown. Zot™ a ribbon to the oversized mat as shown.