Recipe Sarabinder

LeNae Gerig

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Recipe Sarabinder
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Instead of coloring in the entire stamped image, try adding color accents using a single color pen or pencil.



  1. Paint the binding of the binder red and let it dry. Cut 7/8 wide strips of pink dot paper and glue next to the red binding on the front and back of the binder. Cover the remaining surface on the front and back with blue cherry paper. Ink the edges using the surface of the inkpad. Adhere border stickers over the pink dot border on the front and back.
  2. Cut a 3 square of white cardstock and glue thin strips of pink dot border on the left and right sides. Adhere the large measuring spoons sticker to the center and stamp from my at the top left and kitchen at the bottom. Mat the square with brown cardstock, leaving a 1/8 wide border. Glue a bow to the top center and foam tape the square to the center of the blue cherry paper.
  3. Recipe Pages: Decorate the lined papers with thin strips of pink dot paper. Stamp Recipe, Ingredients and Direction down the left side of the page and a stamped 2 x 1 pink cardstock rectangle glued to the upper right. Glue a red bow at the bottom pink dot border.
  4. Decorated Recipe Pocket: Tear a 2 wide strip of cherry paper and glue near the bottom edge of the pocket front. Cut a 1 wide strip of pink dot paper and ink the long edges brown. Glue to the center of the cherry strip. Adhere a length of border sticker over the pink dot strip. Stamp the pots image on the upper right with Dessert! to the left. Use the red pen to add accents of color to the stack of pots.
  5. Recipe Cards: Cut 3x 5 rectangles of white cardstock and stamp a small focal image in the lower right or left corner. Stamp a row of tiny images along the bottom edge. Use a border stamp at the top and for lines use either a border stamp or stamp the lined stamp across the card, lining up the 3 lines. Stamp Recipe on the top line and then Ingredients and Directions on lines below. Add accents of color with the red pen.