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Beautiful Birthday Pail

Tessa Bundy

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Beautiful Birthday Pail
By Tessa Bundy

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Designer Tip: For an elegant touch, wrap handle in ribbon, tying knots at ends of handle to secure.



  1. Cut a 3" tall strip of green and pink dots paper. Tear the top and bottom of a 2 1/4" tall blue roses paper. Attach centered on the green and pink dots. Cut a 3/4" strip of pale green Color Core cardstock. Mat on pale pink Color Core cardstock, with 1/16" border at the top and bottom. Attach across the blue roses, 1/2" from the top of the torn edge. Insert the papers to line the pail.
  2. Cut out a round green tag and journal a message along the right portion. Embellish with a pearl butterfly along the left portion. Attach the tag to the front of the pail, centered over the green Color Core cardstock strip. Cut the pearl swirl border in half attach pieces over the strip on either side of the tag.
  3. Add a pink flower to the top of the pail. Wrap the handle with pale pink organdy swirl ribbon, tying a knot at each end to fix. Add some extra ribbons knotted at the ends of the handle. Cut out a pink tag, journal across the center, and punch a hole at the top. Tie with a bow of darker pink organdy swirl ribbon to the top of the pail handle.