Hello Card

Susan Cobb

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Hello Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I used the School Tool set to trace around the butterfly shapes, and to emboss the detail of the layers. The contrasting colors and embossing really give a nice contrast and 3-dimensional look.



  1. Cover card front with chocolate metal, trimming the edges evenly. Attach pink pearls to the metal, angled over the card front as shown. Cut two 6 1/2" x 1/4" pink metal strips. Place the strips silver side up on your foam mat or mouse pad. Use the textured wavy tool to create an embossed pattern across each strip. Turn the strips over and sand the pink side of the metal. Foam tape to the sides of the card front.
  2. Use the pointed tool and template to trace the butterfly wing shapes, using the silver side of the metal placed on your foam mat. Add detail by pressing out the inner shapes, as for the pink wings. For the silver body, outline and emboss, using pearl metal with the pearl side up. Cut out the shapes and sand over the raised areas. Layer large butterfly pieces together with foam tape, then foam tape over the pearls as shown.
  3. Cut a tag from pearl metal. Write "hello" on tracing paper, then turn it over. Place the tag shiny side up on your foam mat, then place the tracing paper word (backwards) on top of the tag. Trace the word on the metal. Turn the tag over and sand the raised word. Mat on silver and attach the tag to the lower right edge of the card. Fold the wings of a small pink butterfly and foam tape the body over the corner of the tag as shown.