Gold Inked Necklace

Susan Cobb

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Gold Inked Necklace
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: This necklace is so easy to make! You can also vary the colors of the alcohol inks, and use a different part of the swirl transfer to create a totally different look. To keep the necklace flat while the Diamond Glaze dries, I added a piece of foam tape to the back of the rectangle portion and adhered it to my mat.



  1. Add 2 drops of blending solution to the raised rectangle on the necklace and spread evenly. Squeeze a drop of wild plum ink centered near one end of the rectangle, then a drop of stream ink at the center, and then a drop of butterscotch ink at the remaining end. Allow the inks to mix for a few seconds, then dab with a piece of folded paper towel.
  2. Add more ink to achieve the desired colors and look (if you aren't happy with the result, simply wipe off the metal with blending solution and a paper towel, and begin again). Allow the ink to dry a few minutes. Add a piece of foam tape to the back of the necklace rectangle, but don't remove the backing yet.
  3. Cut loosely around one of the two large swirls on the transfer sheet. Place the transfer design in water for a minute, then remove the transfer and blot with paper towel. Trim the transfer design to fit on the gold necklace rectangle.
  4. Use the paint brush to apply a very thin coat of Diamond Glaze to the back of the transfer, then place it over the inked necklace rectangle. Pick up the necklace and remove the backing from the foam tape on the back. Hold the rectangle while you squeeze about 3 drops of Diamond Glaze over the transfer, then tilt the rectangle to evenly coat the surface. Place flat on your plastic or cutting mat to dry. Embellish with crystals.