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Get Well Soon Pergamano Card

Susan Cobb

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Get Well Soon Pergamano Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: It's easy to add intricate detail to your card with this pre-printed frame. Simply emboss the center petals and pierce the points around each motif as well as the row inside the frame. Back the center Dazzle flower sticker with Pergamano paper, then use the stylus to emboss it.



  1. Cover the card front with brown dotted paper, then sand the edges. Glue a 4" x 5 1/2" green textured rectangle centered on the dotted paper.
  2. Trim around the scalloped edges of the pre-printed parchment rectangle. Flip the rectangle over and place in on the foam pad. Use the perforating pen to pierce the dots around the repeated designs of the frame. Use the stylus to carefully emboss the center shape. Glue the frame centered on the green rectangle.
  3. Attach a large flower sticker to green dotted paper and trim around the edges. Back the smaller flower sticker with pergamano paper, then turn it over and place on the foam pad and emboss it with the stylus. Foam tape it centered over the large flower. Back a small flower with green dotted paper and trim around the edges. Foam tape it centered over the embossed flower. Foam tape the layered flowers just above center on the frame.
  4. Mat "get well soon" on pergamano paper and emboss the edges with the stylus. Glue below the flowers. Add tiny flower stickers to the corners as shown.