Cookies From My Kitchen Recipe book

Cookies From My Kitchen Recipe book
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tips: I printed my recipes on a 5 1/2" white cardstock square and matted it on contrasting paper, but you could also use 4 x 6 file cards, write the recipes by hand, then add the stamped images as shown. This would make a great gift!



  1. Paint the entire album with the acrylic paint and let it dry. Cut a 6 3/8" square from the red section of the red hearts border paper and stamp around the edges with the scalloped border. Glue centered on the album front. Glue a 6" square of the cherries paper centered on the red square. Cut a 3 3/8" x 3" red square, ink the edges, then stamp the scalloped border across the bottom. Mat on pink cardstock, leaving a 1/16" border. Ink the edges and glue centered to the cherries paper.
  2. Stamp the cookie jar, heart, and utensils images on pink cardstock, cut them out, arrange and glue to the red rectangle as shown. Stamp the words between the other images. Tie a bow with memory thread, curl the ends with your fingers, and Zot in place at the top of the utensils.
  3. Insert posts, page protectors, and tighten posts at back. Wrap memory thread around the front of the posts, then curl the end around the stick portion of the cotton swab. Zot to edge of album. Repeat for the second post.
  4. Stamp the border, "yummy!", and hearts on a 2 3/8" x 7/8" red rectangle. Ink the edges and mat on pink, leaving a 1/16" border. Ink edges and glue between posts. Cut a 5/8" x 6" strip of cherries paper, mat on red, ink the edges and glue to the spine.
  5. For the recipes: Cut a 5 1/2" square of white cardstock as the base. Computer print your recipe on the square, or write it by hand, stamping the guide lines across it as desired. Use the "Ingredients" and "Directions" stamps as shown. Add stamped images as desired.
  6. Mat the white square on pink cardstock leaving a 1/16" border. Stamp the scalloped border around the outside edges of a 6" red square. Glue the matted recipe square to the center of the red square and slip in the page protector.