Green Picnic Basket

LeNae Gerig

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Green Picnic Basket
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Thread the tag onto one end of the gold memory wire before coiling.



  1. Follow the template instructions to trace the basket onto the back of the green gingham paper. Punch holes as directed and use the knife to cut the excess from inside the handle.
  2. Assemble the basket and lid. Secure with gold mini brads. Tie a 9 length of memory wire around one side of the basket handle base. Tie a bow. Coil one tail around the pencil point to make a tiny coil.
  3. Tag: Trace the basket tag onto green paper and mat the tag on white cardstock. Print for you on a white cardstock strip and glue across the center of the basket. Thread the basket onto the remaining bow tail and coil.