Mom's Little Purse

LeNae Gerig

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Mom's Little Purse
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: When re-cutting the slit through the paper covered box, do so from the inside of the box, cutting along the original slit.



  1. Assemble the box according to the package instructions. Apply glue stick to the box front and handle. Cover with pink floral paper and trim the paper even with the box edges. Use a knife to trim around the handle.
  2. Cover the box back with pink floral and the flap with pink stripe. Trim the papers even with the box edges. Cover the box sides with solid pink, allowing for the folds in the side of the box. Trim the paper and lightly sand the purse and flap edges using the sanding block.
  3. Use the knife to re-cut the slit in the purse front. Secure layered silk flowers with a flower brad just above the purse flap point. Secure the point into the slit to secure.
  4. Tag: Write for Mom on the matching burgundy tag. Punch a hole at the top and secure an ivory mini brad. Secure ivory floss to the brad and knot around the handle.