Happy Mothers Day Pail

Laura Nicholas

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Happy Mothers Day Pail
By Laura Nicholas

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Designer Tip: Cut the felt ribbon apart to add extra swirls and flowers.



  1. Cut a 3" strip of black cardstock. Cut a 2" strip of flocked paper. Layer the strips together and wrap around the pail. The back of the pail will need to be pieced to completely wrap around the pail.
  2. Cover the seams of the papers with purple silky ribbon. Glue dot a bow of ribbon to the front of the pail.
  3. Cut one segment of the felt fusion ribbon and glue across the front of the pail overlapping the black cardstock and ribbon. Cut apart extra flowers and swirls from the felt ribbon and tuck under the bow. Glue dot a large flower to the center of the bow.
  4. Cut a 2"x2 1/2" piece of flocked paper and mat with black cardstock. Glue to the lid.
  5. Glue dot a large flower with tips of the purple ribbon to the square. Add small loops and flowers from the felt fusion ribbon and another smaller silk flower.
  6. Print a greeting on white cardstock and cut out as a tag. Mat with black cardstock and punch a hole in the tag. Add piece of felt ribbon across the bottom of the tag and hang from the handle. Glue dot a silk flower to the top of the tag and tie knots of other ribbons to the handle.