Art Journal

LeNae Gerig

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Art Journal
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: To get this pastel modeled look, spray one color at a time to different areas of the paper so that they overlap just slightly. Spray lightly. Too much mist will begin to puddle. Letting areas of the original paper color show through also allows the misted look to really shine through.



  1. Open the binder and spray the surface with green and purple mist. Let it dry. Use the surface of the gold inkpad to color the surface and binding of the Sarabinder.
  2. Cut a 5 1/2 strip of butterfly paper, with the butterflies in the lower left corner, and the right edge at 6 1/2 wide. Lightly spray the paper with green, purple and starfish mist. Let it dry. Use the knife to cut around each wing on the butterflies right side. Apply gold ink to the paper edges and glue to the binder front. Avoid gluing the wings down.
  3. Tag: Spray the bird tag with green, purple and starfish. Let it dry and write Art Journal on the tag. Apply adhesive to the back and slide the tag under the butterfly wings. Use foam tape under the wings to lift them off the paper. Knot a length of green dot sheer ribbon and glue to the top of the tag. Glue a length of pink rick rack across the bottom of the paper.
  4. Mist a large and medium paper flower, making sure to alternate colors and not covering the flowers completely. Mist 2 small flowers purple and starfish. Let the dry. Apply a touch of gold ink to the petals. Glue to the lower right and among the butterflies. Glue 5mm gold pearls to the flower centers and single pearls around the album. Glue lengths of 3mm pearls over the butterfly bodies.
  5. Envelope: Mist the envelope with purple and blue. Let it dry. Cover the flap with green words paper. Turn the flap over and cut around the edge. Tear a 1 1/2 tall strip of butterfly paper ink the edges gold and then brown. Glue across the bottom front and re-punch the holes. Glue a length of rick rack across the bottom of the paper.
  6. Spray a small flower blue and green, let it dry and the add gold ink. Glue the flower overlapping the paper edge. Cut a 1 1/2 length of sheer green ribbon and glue under the flower. Adhere a 5mm gold pearl at the center.