Just Because Bird Card

LeNae Gerig

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Just Because Bird Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tips: Use the brayer or your finger tips to firmly push the flocking into the adhesive. This insures a better stick. When working with a new set of Acrylic stamps I find it helpful to lightly buff the surface of the stamp with a sanding block. This step roughs up the surface of the stamp and allows the ink to adhere instead of beading up.


  1. Place the card with the fold on the left and cover with light green paper. Use the single swirl stamp to stamp a border across the top and bottom of the card. Cut a 3 1/2x5 rectangle of lavender floral paper and cut the top corners off to form a tag shape. Glue to the card front.
  2. Cut a 1 3/4x5 1/2 wide strip of striped paper, ink the edges and glue across the large tag shape. Adhere a swirly Double Stick border to a 3/4x5 1/2 strip of lavender paper. Flock the border lilac, return the excess to the jar, and glue the flocked paper strip to the center of the striped paper border.
  3. Cut a 2 1/4 wide square of adhesive sheet (keeping the protective covers on the front and back). Peel one side and adhere to light green paper and then remove the top. Sprinkle mint flocking over the square and return the excess to the jar. Stamp a bird image at the center and the chain border around the edges. Let the ink dry for a few minutes then cut the square from the green paper, leaving a 1/8 wide border around the flocked square. Mat again on white cardstock, leaving a 1/8 wide border. Secure pink brads at the corners and foam tape over the border.
  4. Hold the blue grosgrain and sheer white ribbons together to tie a bow. Glue to the top of the tag with a Just Because cut out under it.
  5. Inside the card: Glue the remaining lavender floral border paper to the bottom of the card inside back. Stamp a branch with birds nest flush with the card fold. Foam tape the Thinking of you cut out over the border.