Happy Birthday Dad! Card

LeNae Gerig

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Happy Birthday Dad! Card
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Cut 3 1/4 from the card front, leaving a 3 rectangle at the bottom. Cut 2 triangles from the top and bottom corners of the remaining rectangle, forming a tag shape. Cover the tag with gold holographic paper.
  2. Cut the plaid paper to fit inside the tag, leaving a 1/8 wide border. Cut a 1 wide strip of green holographic and glue to the left side of the tag. Adhere a small Dazzle™ tree to the strip. Line a small Dazzle™ deer with brown, cut out and glue to the right of the tree. Glue fern and word cut-outs to the right of the deer and add crystal stickers.
  3. Inside the card: Cover the inside with fern border paper. Adhere 2 tall Dazzle™ trees to the right of the fold, extending up behind the tag. Adhere a small deer to the right and explore above the tree line.
  4. Place Dazzle™ arrows along the left side of the border. Glue a tag cut-out hanging from the right side of the border, and add a Dazzle.
  5. Write Happy Birthday Dad! on the blank tag cut-out and mat with green holographic paper, leaving a 1/16 wide border. Foam tap to the right of the first tag. Top both tags with crystal stickers.