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Fathers Day Pail

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Father Pail Bundle or you can order them separately.

Fathers Day Pail
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Make this masculine themed pail as gift packing for your father or husband on Fathers day. Wrap the gift in tissue paper and place in the pail or if your Dad is anything like mine, fill it with cookies.



  1. Cut two 12x3 strips of blue strip paper. Ink one long edge on each. Wrap around the base of the pail with the ends overlapping. Cut two 5x7 rectangles of green dot paper and ink the edges brown. With the pail handles on the right and left, glue one rectangle just to the left of the right handle. Turn the pail around and glue the other to the back, 1 from the right handle.
  2. Adhere 2 tall and 1 small pine tree Dazzles to the front green panel. Adhere 1 small tree to the back panel along with 2 birds. Adhere lengths of the tree border along the top edge of the blue striped border, stopping when you come to the green panels. Wrap a length of green grosgrain ribbon around the pail base, about 1 from the bottom. Spell Dad with the chipboard stickers to the left of the green panel.
  3. Lid: Use the circle template to draw a 5 circle on the tan paper, making sure to include the trees on the right edge. Computer journal a greeting and then glue the circle over the printing. Hand feed through the printer. Remove the circle and ink the edges. Line the hiking boot Dazzles with blue dot paper and glue to the circle along with a bird in flight. Tie lengths of blue, green, tan and brown ribbons to the handle, knotting and then trimming the tails to 1 long.