Great Ideas Journal

LeNae Gerig

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"Great Ideas" Sarabinder
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: This is a great little binder to keep all of those great little ideas that you come across or come up with yourself. I plan on keeping mine by my computer. Whenever I see a great card idea for my friends I can tuck a sketch in a pocket. Also perfect for household ideas and cool blogs and websites that I might come across.



  1. Apply blue paint to the binding and let it dry. Cover the front and back of the binder with orange circle paper. Cut a 3 1/2 tall strip of light blue music paper that is as wide as the orange paper covering the binder. Apply ink to the long edges and mat with lime green paper, leaving a 1/8 wide border. Adhere the bubble border Dazzle to the bottom edge.
  2. Glue the letters, alternating colors and use the hole punch to secure the brads. Tie metallic blue ribbon around the backwards 3 that subs for the E. Write great on a mini tag and secure to the d with a mini brad and foam tape. Adhere an arrow Dazzle to the right. Glue the blue music paper rectangle to the top portion of the binder and trim the paper even with the binder edge.
  3. Line the 2 largest shell Dazzles with lime green and blue music note paper. Trim very close to the edge and glue to the orange paper below the ideas border. Line a small starfish with orange and foam tape between the larger shells. Thread chipboard buttons with metallic ribbon and use tacky glue to glue among the shells.
  4. Envelope: Apply glue stick to the envelope flap. Cover the lime green paper. Turn the flap over and trim the paper even with the flap edges. Adhere a beach bubble border Dazzle across the flap and insert into the slit. Glue the decorated orange tag and button to the center as a decorative closure.