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Kimono Card

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Kimono Card Bundle or you can order them separately.

Kimono Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: When peeling the sticker from the Humungo sticker you will need to use an craft knife or pick to pull the Dazzle™ from the strong adhesive. Pull firmly. *In case people dont knot: Humungo is a super sticky double sided sticker sheet. Peel one side and place your desired item, cut out and then peel the opposite side for placement.



  1. While still on the backing sheet, cut around the Kimono sticker. Use a similar size piece of the transfer sheet to remove the entire sticker from the backing sheet and place onto a piece of Humungo adhesive with one side of the backing removed. Use small scissors, for delicate cutting, to cut around the kimono. Peel the Humungo backing and place the kimono on the green cherry blossom background paper.
  2. Use the craft knife or pick to gently remove the sticker pieces from the detail areas that you want to be the same color, like the flower on the sleeves and kimono front. When these areas are removed, Humungo sticker is exposed. Sprinkle dark pink glitter onto the exposed adhesive. Remove excess and place back into jar. Repeat with the blue areas and then finally the green. Use the dry paintbrush to remove any excess glitter that may cling to the paper or sticker.
  3. Cover the card front with striped border paper, with the border on the left side. Cu the background paper to 4x5, mat with pink vellum. Glue to covered card front. Glue a strip of striped paper to the bottom of the green paper, lining up the stripes with the pattern on the front of the card. Adhere Happy Birthday to the strip. Embellish the strip with crystal stickers.
  4. Inside the card: Cover the inside of the card with the remaining green paper. Glue a striped strip across the top and repeat the process above to adhering a fan sticker to the strip. Color with glitter.