Bridal Shower Pages

LeNae Gerig

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Bridal Shower Pages
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: When creasing the folds on the purse, using a bone folder really makes a difference. The folder point can get into the corners really well and makes the folds sharper for a better fold. This 2 page spread only uses 3 sheets of foil paper and some 12x12 cardstocks of any color to reassemble the foil background after cutting into strips.



  1. Background: For the left page: Cut a 2x12 strip from the paisley and glue to the left side of the 12x12 cardstock. Cut a 2x12 strip from pink dot and set aside. Glue the remaining rectangle to the right side of the 12x12 cardstock. Glue a 1x12 strip of striped paper between the two foil papers.
  2. Use the multi punch to create a border from dot vellum, cut to 1x12 and place the straight edge flush with the striped foil edge. Adhere a Dazzle border over the vellum strip to hide the glue lines showing through the vellum. For the right page: Repeat as above, but use the paisley for the background and the 2 dot strip for the border.
  3. Photos: For the left page: Mat a 4x6 photo using blue cardstock and white vellum mats. Glue to the top right of the border. Mat a 3x4 photo with whitewashed blue with a torn right edge. Glue to the lower right, overlapping the larger photo.
  4. For the right page: Mat a 6x4 photo on whitewash blue and tear the bottom edge. Mat a second photo using pink cardstock and white vellum. Glue both photos evenly spaced to the left of the border.
  5. Journaling: For the left page: Cut Mimis Mini purse from striped foil and fold according to template instructions. Use a mini brad to secure the flap and add a sticker border and bow for decoration. Glue a Youre Invited tag under the bow and glue the purse to the top of journaling printed on white cardstock and matted with blue. Adhere heart stickers to the corners and glue to the page. Adhere the page title Celebrate Love to the bottom of the page and embellish photos with Dazzles.
  6. For the right page: Punch a circle from dot vellum using the multi-shaper punch. Mat the shape with a blue cardstock scallop punch. Foam tape a white journaling circle to the center and embellish with a bow. Back a heart Dazzle with blue and cut around the edges. Add Dazzles to the photos.