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Inked Candle with pearl leaf

Susan Cobb

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Inked Candle with pearl leaf
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Its easy to color this pearl embellishment with alcohol inks! I used a small paint brush to quickly paint on the ink over the pearl leaf while it was still attached to the plastic backing. Be sure to cover the sides of the pearls. You can build color by adding more ink as desired. I used a mixture of blue and citrus inks to make the darker green color for the pearl leaf.



  1. Cover your work area (or use a sink) with paper towels and put on your gloves. Place candle standing up on the paper towels. Squirt 3 or 4 drops of blue and two drops of citrus ink around the top of the candle, then squirt the blending solution over the ink, all the way around the candle. Let the ink run down, then pat the candle all over with your gloved hands. Let the color mix some more and dry. If there are any bare areas forming, pat again, adding a bit of alcohol blending solution to your gloved hands if you need to disperse the ink. Let the inked candle dry.
  2. Mix blue and citrus inks together to create a darker green color. Use the brush to paint the ink on the pearl leaf embellishment and let it dry. Remove the leaf from the backing and attach to the candle, trimming the base at the bottom as needed.