Summer Family Fun Letter Box Tray

Susan Cobb

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Summer Family Fun Letter Box Tray
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I covered each compartment in the tray with paper or photos, then embellished each one differently with Dazzle™ stickers, ribbon, and punched butterflies and dragonflies. I backed some Dazzles™ with holographic paper or colored paper to embellish them before adding them to the tray. I cut a flower from the pink border paper, cut it in two pieces, then glued one piece to the left side of a compartment in the tray. I glued the second piece of the flower to the adjacent compartment, matching up the edges of the flower with the first piece. I punched holographic paper circles for flower centers.



  1. Turn the tray so the handle is at the left side. Cut pieces of patterned and solid papers to fit inside the compartments and glue in place, alternating colors for a pleasing arrangement.
  2. Add photos to some compartments as desired. Embellish as shown with Dazzles, holographic paper, punched dragonflies and butterflies, and ribbon.
  3. Use the template to trace and cut out a blue paper tag and ink the edges. Computer print or write on the center, then punch a 1/8" hole at the top. Add a sun sticker around the hole, then hang from handle with ribbon. Tie lime gingham ribbon to handle as shown.