Merci Mini Pail

Ann Bernklau

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"Merci" Mini Pail
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Pay attention to the direction of the print on the blue paisley foil paper before you cut it. The small hearts should be the right side up.



  1. Cut a 7 x strip of pink dot foil paper and place inside the pail circling the bottom. You may need to add glue dots to adhere it to the pail. Cut a 7 x 2 3/8 piece of blue paisley foil paper and place inside the pail in the same manner, covering the remaining clear sides.
  2. Cut two 5 lengths of pink sheer ribbon and two of the narrow teal ribbon. Attach one of the ends of the pink ribbon to the outside bottom of the pail with Zots. Attach the narrow teal ribbon over the pink ribbon. Slide the square rhinestone buckle onto the two ribbons and attach with Zots about 2 up from the bottom of the pail. Open the pail and attach pink and teal ribbons to the inside of the pail with Zots. Repeat this process for the other ribbons, using the remaining rhinestone ribbon slide. The two pairs of ribbons should be 1 apart on the front of the pail.
  3. Peel off the letters for merc from the Thickers sheet. Place them diagonally across the pail from bottom left to top right, overlapping the letters so they all fit on the front of the pail (The e overlaps the m and the r). Take 12 of pink sheer ribbon and teal narrow ribbon and tie them into a bow on the left side of the pail handle. Trim ends as desired.
  4. For the lid: Place lid on the back of the blue paisley foil and trace around with a pencil. Cut out just inside your circle. Place onto the top of the lid (you may need to trim the circle more to make it fit). Attach with Zots. Adhere the pink fabric flower to the top with Zots.