Happy Birthday Short Pail

Ann Bernklau

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Happy Birthday Short Pail
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Curl the memory thread around a pencil for a loose curl, or around a small paintbrush for a tighter curl.



  1. Cut a 11 x 3 1/8 strip of green border paper, with 1 of the border included along the length of the strip. Place inside the pail and adhere with Zots. Write or print Happy Birthday on a small piece of hot pink paper and ink the edges. Adhere to the bottom left of the front of the pail.
  2. Place the Blue Loopy Felt ribbon around the bottom of the pail, overlapping the birthday tag. Attach an orange paper flower to the right of the tag with Zots.
  3. Take a flower-shaped chipboard button and thread a 4 length of hot pink rickrack ribbon through the holes (with the ends coming out the back). Cut two 12 long pieces of turquoise memory thread and a 4 piece of blue narrow ribbon and thread through the buttons holes the same way. Curl the memory thread by wrapping it around a pencil in a spiral. Attach the button to the top left corner of the birthday tag with Zots, letting the ends of the ribbons and memory thread poke out from behind the button. Add two paper flowers on either side of the button.
  4. For the handle: Take 5 of the pink rickrack and thread it through the white/pink dot chipboard button. Tie the ends of the ribbon at the back of the button, knotting it around the pail handle. Taking the large circle button, thread 10 of memory thread through the buttons holes from the front (ends in back). Curl the memory thread with a pencil. Thread 9 of narrow blue ribbon through the holes from the back, wrapping the ribbon around the handle before going through the second hole. Tie the ribbon in a bow at the front of the button. Take a 5 length of narrow green ribbon and thread through the holes of the plaid button. Tie in a knot around the handle, above the large button. Arrange the three buttons so the middle one is in the front as shown.
  5. For the lid: Place your lid on the back of the colored stripe paper and trace around with a pencil. Cut out just inside the line and glue to the top of the lid (You may need to trim the circle until it lays flat on the lid). Tie short lengths of pink dot, green, and blue rickrack ribbons through the holes of 3 chipboard buttons, tying the knots on top of the buttons. Thread a 10 length of memory thread through the button with the blue rickrack and curl ends with a pencil. Attach the buttons to the top of the lid in a small pile (overlapping each other). Use Zots to hold in place. Attach 4 small paper flowers around the buttons with Zots as shown.