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Tiny House Ornament

Ann Bernklau

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Tiny House Ornament
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: The Liquid Pearls creates a realistic snowy roof. Red and green crystals acts as tiny Christmas lights along the front of the house.



  1. Place small swirl frame Dazzle on red dot paper and place hope in the center. Trim around the sticker. Cut out a 1 square from the green stripe paper. Glue the red piece centered on the green stripe.
  2. Sandwich the art between two pieces of Memory Glass. Lift the tab on the corner of a Memory Frame and open the frame just wide enough to slip the glass inside (make sure the charm is at the bottom). When your glass is in place, re-insert the metal tab and press down.
  3. Take a pewter Tim Holtz corner and bend the inner edges outward (so the corner doesnt cover your inside design). Dab Liquid Pearls on the top of the roof and spilling over to the front to look like icicles. Let dry. Adhere alternating red and green crystals to the front of the roof. Adhere the roof to the top of the ornament.
  4. Tie a tiny bow from narrow red grosgrain ribbon and glue to top of the roof. Tie a sheer green swirl bow to the base around the jump ring. Thread 7 of narrow red grosgrain through the jump ring at the top for a hanger.