3-D Punch Card

Ann Bernklau

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3-D Punch Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Iridescent papers sparkle under the 3-D punches. Fluff up the petals/wings to add dimension. Although the circles go off the edges slightly, the card will still fit inside a standard 7 1/4x5 1/4 envelope.



  1. Trim the card to a 5 square with the fold on top. Punch three 1 11/16 circles out of yellow iridescent. Repeat with dark blue and green iridescent. Place the circles on the card in three rows as follows: Row 1: yellow, green, blue; Row 2: green, blue, yellow; Row 3: blue, yellow, green. The circles should touch and will overlap the edges of the card slightly. Glue all circles down.
  2. Punch a dragonfly on orange paper. Remove the paper. Place 1 1/4 circle punch upside down and slide the dragonfly paper into the punch. Center the dragonfly in the circle and press down on the punch. Fold up the wings of the dragonfly and glue to the center of the top left iridescent circle. Repeat this process with the rest of the circles and glue down in the following order: Row 1: orange dragonfly, pink butterfly, and yellow flower; Row 2: pink flower, (skip the middle), and orange butterfly; Row 3: yellow butterfly, orange flower, and pink dragonfly.

  3. Punch a plain yellow 1 1/4 circle, journal a greeting on it, and glue it to the center of the center circle.