Patera Bracelet

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Pretty & Playful Easy Peasy or you can order them separately.

Patera Bracelet
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: The crystals retain the sparkle of their facets if they are added on top of the hardened Diamond Glaze. Make sure to seal your images completely with Tacky Glue and let dry before applying Diamond Glaze, otherwise the colors on the Easy Peasy art will run.



  1. In the Easy Peasy book, cut out 3 floral 3/4 circles and the Hope and Faith circles from the transparencies. Cut out the paper 3/4 paper circles with the following patterns: pink plaid, blue/white dot, green writing, pink/white dot, and blue writing.
  2. Lightly glue down the paper circles to the bracelet with glue stick in the order stated above. Lightly glue the transparent circles over the paper circles in this order: purple flower, Hope, pink flower, Faith, and blue flowers.
  3. On the first circle, place 2 tiny silver butterflies over the purple flower. On the Hope and Faith circles, place a small swirl under the word. On the middle circle, add the silver joy and tiny teardrop shapes (from the Dazzle innies) between the petals. Add a trimmed swirl to the blue flowers circle.
  4. With a paintbrush and Tacky Glue, paint a layer of glue over each circle and let dry. Then, fill the circles with Diamond Glaze and let dry overnight.
  5. Place amber crystals in the centers of the larger flowers and light blue crystals on the two blue flowers.