Glass Etched Ornament

Ann Bernklau

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Glass Etched Ornament
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Add curled Memory Thread to the top of your ornament for a whimsical look.



  1. On the sheet of stencil Dazzles, use an X-acto knife to trim the large flourish sticker so that the circle around it is detached from the center design. The circle will not be used. Peel off the flourish design and carefully place it on the front of the glass disc ornament. Rub down the sticker so all areas are firmly adhered to the glass.
  2. While wearing protective gloves, brush a thick layer of etching cream all over the glass ornament. Let the etching cream set for 10 minutes, then rinse off with water, using a paintbrush to brush off excess etching cream. Brush on another thick layer of cream and repeat. Once the ornament is clean and dry, peel off the stencil Dazzle. The design should remain clear while the surrounding areas have a frosted look.
  3. Add 3mm gold nailheads and 3mm red crystals around the design and around the center as shown.
  4. Tie 10 of gold Memory Thread through the loop and curl ends around a pen. Add two more 10 strands and curl. String 10 of red gingham ribbon through the loop and tie in a knot to hang. Tie a bow with 10 of red gingham and glue to the loop.