Glitter Snowflake ball ornament

Ann Bernklau

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Glitter Snowflake ball ornament
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Coating the inside with glitter really makes the ornament sparkle. Curl Memory Thread with a pen and use it to top your ornament.



  1. Create a glue mixture by mixing approximately 1 part glue to 1 part water. Mix well with a paintbrush. Brush glue onto the inside of one of the ball halves, making sure it is completely coated with glue, except for the ridges (to close the ball). Pour some blue glitter into the ball half and coat the glue with the glitter. Shake out excess onto scrap paper and return to glitter container. Repeat this with the second half, and let both halves dry completely, until the glue has turned clear. Then, snap the halves together to make the ball.
  2. Place the second largest snowflake on the front of the Christmas ball. Surround it with smaller snowflakes, covering the ball.
  3. Place 3mm and 5mm royal blue crystals in the centers and on the spokes of the snowflakes as shown.
  4. Thread 10 of cream ric-rac through the loop and tie in a knot to hang. Tie a bow with 9 of the cream sheer swirl ribbon and glue to the base of the loop. Cut two 10 pieces of silver Memory Thread. Thread each piece through the loop and tie in a knot. Curl the ends with a pen.