Tropical Christmas card

Ann Bernklau

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Tropical Christmas card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Make your holographic stars paper go a long way by using it in limited amounts (i.e., backing the Dazzles)



  1. With the fold on the top, cover the card front with red holographic stars paper. Cut a 6x4 piece of light blue paper from the Christmas papers and glue to the center. Create a 5x1 tan plaid rectangle with a torn edge along the top. Chalk the torn edge with brown chalk and glue aligned with the bottom of the blue piece.
  2. Back the palm tree Dazzle with green and red holographic stars paper and Christmas paper as shown. The trunk uses a burgundy swirl paper and the sand is tan plaid. Glue the palm tree to the right side of the card, from the right and from the bottom.
  3. Back the JOY Dazzle with silver, green, and red holographic stars paper and glue to the card from the left and 1 from the bottom. Place Peace Dazzle in the top left corner and place Love below it. Add gold starfish to the sand.
  4. Inside the card: Cut a 6 x3 piece of light blue paper and glue to center. Back both of the starfish borders with red holographic stars paper using hole-punched circles. Place a border across the top and one across the bottom of the light blue piece and trim the excess.
  5. Cut a 4x1 piece of white cardstock and place the Seasons Greetings Dazzle on it, leaving 1 blank space on the right side for the conch shell. Mat the greeting on red holographic stars paper, leaving a 1/8 border.
  6. Back the large conch shell Dazzle with silver, green and red holographic stars paper as shown, and glue to the card, overlapping the right side of the greeting, 1 from the right and from the bottom. Add a seahorse and bubbles to the left of the greeting and a starfish to the bottom right.